Singer and animal lover Lee Hyori once again showed her warm heart.

Lee Hyori is known for her good deeds and has been actively defending the rights of animals, providing shelter and care to abandoned animals. She also launched a campaign “Giving Hope to Abandoned Dogs” and gave the proceeds of her charity calendar to the Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA).

She  recently donated 5 million Won to an older woman in need to help her keep the shelter she runs and currently lives in. The old woman lives in a shelter located in the province of Gyeonggi. Because the village where she lives would be subject to redevelopment, the old woman was about to be evicted from the shelter she takes care of.

Through the “Giving Hope to Abandoned Animal” campaign an event was set up to help collect 25 Million Won to save the old lady’ shelter but an important amount of money was still needed. Lee Hyori who heard about it immediately decided to give 10 million Won as deposit money for the lease of her house and an additional 5 million Won to cover the rest of the costs.

It was also reported that Lee Hyori gave another 10 million Won to a man known by the Korean Animal Rights Advocates, who takes care of abandoned animals.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is currently working on her album and is co-hosting SBS “You and I” with Jung Jae Hyung.