Lee Hyori revealed on her recent interview with High Cut magazine that she consumed over 500 soju bottles in the past five years. Soju is the most popular Korean liquor with roughly 20% alcohol by volume (Usually, one bottle of soju can make you pretty buzzed).

“I’m not sure how much soju I drank. But since I renewed my soju model contract eight to nine times every six months, I think I modeled for over five years. I enjoyed soju before becoming a model of it. It’s easier to drink compared to other liquor,” Lee Hyori said as she was asked how much soju she drank as a soju model.

She continued, “I guess my average soju consumption slightly dropped after going vegetarian, but I would say I had over 500 bottles of soju in the past five years.”

She was also asked how she’s been able to keep the soju model position for so long. “They trusted me, and so my job was to promote their product as much as possible– especially, since that’s what I’m getting paid for. I think the soju brands liked that part about me, and they also sold a lot, so that’s probably why I’ve been keeping this position for so long.”

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