The latest photo uploaded by singer Lee Hyori has received overwhelming interest from netizens.

On August 14th, Lee Hyori Tweeted a message that read, “Love” followed by a string of photographs of herself exposing the back of her neck as she held several adorable cats in her arms, with their heads peaking out to stare at the camera.  The main focal point for netizens was the fact that the image revealed a tattoo of the word “Love” inscribed across her neck.  Between her tattoo and the kitties in the photos, no wonder it was quite a hot issue amongst the public.

Netizens had this to say regarding the surprising photo, “Tattoos on the scruff of the neck are sexy”, “the cats and the tattoo are beautiful, “Lee Hyori is beautiful with or without a tattoo”.

Animals such as cats and dogs have been a common theme presented in her Twitter photos.  Lee Hyori cares for animals as she has even been involved, representing them in several campaigns.

Source: Naver