HyunA has been receiving a lot of attention for her “panty performance” during a dance to her song, “Bubble Pop”, but not long afterward, Lee Hyori‘s past performance of “Bad Girls” started trending as the true originator.


In 2013, Lee Hyori performed “Bad Girls” on MBC’s Show Champion dressed in a sexy leopard print dress.


Following her powerful moves to the sexy choreography of the song, Lee Hyori lifted her dress to show off her underwear, which read “bad girls” on the back.

hyuna3 hyuna5


In response to the bold move, many fans showed favorable reactions such as “This doesn’t seem inappropriate to me“, “That’s our Lee Hyori“, and “That really completes the performance“.


And in light of HyunA’s recent underwear exposure on stage, this video started trending in various online communities as the originator of the “panty performance”.

Check out the two performances below: