Lee Hyori appeared on the April 16 episode of “Healing Camp” and explained why she had to reveal her relationship with Lee Sang Soon.  

(As we reported before, the reason that her revealing the relationship is interesting is because of the fact that for nearly 15 years of her celebrity career, she has not revealed any of her relationships!)

Lee Hyori began with, “We ended up revealing the relationship because of a paparazzi photo. The paparazzi medium told me to come clean about the relationship but I rejected it. I wanted to make the decision after seeing the picture. I was hugging Lee Sang Soon and there was no way we could deny the relationship. I made an agreement with the paparazzi medium that we would confirm the relationship, and they would not put out the picture.”

Lee Hyori had many concerns for her current boyfriend, she stated, “My boyfriend was a part of an indie band and he has had a relatively normal life. I was worried that our relationship would cause some damage to his life because of the modifier, ‘Lee Hyori’s Boyfriend.’ However, he told me that it was ok and consoled me.”

Lee Hyori revealed her relationship with Lee Sang Soon on November 2011. To read more about it, click here. The second part of Lee Hyori’s “Healing Camp” episode will air on April 23.