On the latest episode of variety talk program “Hwashin,” Lee Hyori opens up on a relative taboo topic in Korea: mental health clinics and receiving therapy. She revealed that she received therapy three years ago after the album plagiarism scandal erupted, which immediately forced her to stop promotions.

She said, “I had soju everyday due to being nervous because it felt like I lost all my popularity in one fell swoop and I also suffered from being falsely accused. When I was going through a difficult time, I decided to follow Kim Jae Dong’s advice and get checked out because it felt like I was at a dead end.”

She continued, “Through the data results from various examinations including answering a couple hundred questions, going through behavioral observations and drawing consultations, I don’t need to receive therapy again. I even lied to protect my image, but the lie also becomes part of the analysis. I thought of it as an examination instead of a consultation and [received therapy] comfortably.”

Lee Hyori added, “I had a strong defiant streak against broadcasting company presidents, advertisement executives and any other people who were in a higher position than me or those who were able to control me. The psychiatrist asked, ‘You don’t listen to your higher ups and defy them, right?’ Since celebrities are controlled by the popularity given from the public, some become defiant against the public and most end up getting social phobia.”

She also mentioned, “I went because I was depressed, but I was told that my mental health was strong. After hearing that one phrase that I was born with a strong willpower, I became confident and became fully recovered. I thought that I would be able to withstand anything.”

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