Singer Lee Hyori invited her fellow singer John Park to a party.

On April 10, Lee Hyori asked John Park through Twitter with a photo, “You are going to come to our ‘Gold 12‘s’ vegetarian party, right? Model Hye Park made a hand-made candle for you.”

In the photo, Hye Park wrote a short message to John Park on the glass container of the hand-made candle saying “Hi John,” which drew many eyes.

John Park replied back enthusiastically saying “Wow! I can’t wait until Thursday.”

Netizens who saw this picture said, “Who’s not close with Lee Hyori?” “Jang Bum Joon and John Park, I’m so jealous,” and “This party will be full of handsome guys and pretty girls.”

Lee Hyori and Hye Park are on the reality program OnStyle, “Gold 12,” which airs the vivid social life of “Socialtainer” Lee Hyori.