Lee Hyori recently wrote about the “MBC Labor Union Strike.” On March 6 she tweeted, “The weather is bad and the labor union is getting sued for $3 million, ‘Kurumbi Rock’ is getting destroyed, dogs are dying of hunger in shelters, and I have to go for the recording of ‘You and I.’ Is there any good news I can smile about?”

The lawsuit she mentioned is a current event in regards to the MBC labor union strike. MBC’s CEO Kim Jae Chul sued the labor union for around $3 million. The labor strike itself is demanding for Kim Jae Chul to step down, alleging that he is being influenced by the government. The labor union has produced “evidence” that suggests the CEO has been meeting with government officials frequently and even received funds.

On Jeju Island, the “Kurumbi Rock” will be destroyed in order to create a naval base. Currently many are at the site revolting the creation of a naval base.