Singer Lee Hyori is jealous of SISTAR’s Bora.

During the filming of SBS new talk show “Thank You,” Lee Hyori confided and said that her boyfriend, musician Lee Sang Soon has a crush on Bora.

When Lee Sang Soon made a surprise visit to the set, Lee Hyori said regretfully smirking, “…he never really knew any idol singers before he met me…now he watches various music programs, in which he started to like SISTAR …within the members, he likes Bora the best.”

Other guests and host continued to poke fun of the notion that even Lee Hyori gets jealous saying, “…the fact that Lee Hyori is jealous of Bora is too cute…Lee Sang Soon must be some guy for the almighty Lee Hyori to be jealous…I can’t believe that his girlfriend is none other than Lee Hyori but he has a crush on an idol!”

Lee Sang Soon also talked candidly about how he critiques the sexy performances of other female singers to his own girlfriend, the one and only Lee Hyori.
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