On the most recent episode of OnStyle “Golden 12,” Lee Hyori showcased ways to live a eco-friendly lifestyle. In this episode, Lee Hyori ate leftover food from the night before for breakfast. Reaching into the refrigerator, Lee Hyori picked up a plastic bag without hesitating. 

She said, “I got some food from last night. I went out to dinner last night and brought home the leftover.” While preparing her breakfast, Lee Hyori commented, “I was embarrassed to ask the waiting staff to wrap up my leftover food before. But now, I think it is more embarrassing to leave it and let it go to waste.”  

Upon watching Lee Hyori’s eco-friendly lifestyle, Netizens commented, “Lee Hyori’s comment made me look back at myself,” “Seriously, I’m not going to let my leftover go to waste,” “Lee Hyori’s becoming more and more socially aware,” and “I like Hyori’s social comments.” 

Also in this episode of “Golden 12,” Lee Hyori visited a buddhist temple for a “Temple Stay” with friends. She said, “I want to do soul-searching in the woods without getting distracted by cellphones.”