You probably remember screenshot photos of Lee Hyori’s belly fat from late last month that made headlines under the title, “Lee Hyori’s sagging love handles.” Well, it seems like the former “sexy queen” has been working out hard to regain her sexy status, as her latest photos indicate she’s dropped all the extra fat around her waistline.

On March 14, Lee Hyori tweeted a couple photos of her with the caption, “Good afternoon~.” In the photos, Hyori is seen casually dressed in a baseball jacket and a red shirt, at what seems to be a photo shoot set. But what really caught the attention of so many netizens is her ab muscles that were thought to have disappeared from her aging body. Her slightly bleached hair, sweet facial expression, and the still amazingly hot bodyline bring back memories of her “10 Minute” promotion days.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “Who said Lee Hyori’s fat now?” “She’s so cute~Hyori never ages,” “She’s still so sexy~Is it because she’s in love?”