Who said the ex-Fin.K.L members were on bad terms? Well, actually Lee Hyori mentioned that during the show “Radio Star” a while back, but she did note that they’ve all put their differences aside and are on relatively good terms now. On that note, Lee Hyori’s fellow Fin.K.L member Ock Ju Hyun has gifted her with the best present imaginable- the one thing that Ock Ju Hyun does better than anyone else and that is the gift of song.

In a Twitter post on July 7, Ock Ju Hyun posted a Youtube video titled “Ruby to Leader Hyol,” where she can be seen singing one of Fin.K.L’s classic hits “Ruby.” As for why she picked this song over the other Fin.K.L songs, that reason can be clearly seen once you look at the lyrics which goes “Yeah I’ll let you go, I won’t expect anything. For my sake rather than keep you by my side with difficulty, I’ll let you go for your sake.” It’s a rather witty way of both congratulating her and lamenting the fact that Hyori will be getting married first.

Let’s not forget that Hyori isn’t one to ignore a gift like this. She replied to the Twitter post saying “Hahaha. Bye, I’ll be going first.” As we reported before, Lee Hyori is set to her marry her boyfriend and famous guitarist Lee Sang Soon in September. 

You can see Ock Ju Hyun’s amazing wedding gift for yourselves below.