Yesterday, Lee Hyori’s troubled skin was one of the hottest trending topics among Korean netizens. In an industry (and country) where people pride in perfect, porcelain skin, Hyori’s blemishes surprised netizens and fans. Netizens couldn’t help notice her less-than-perfect skin in her close-up shots during the most recent episode of SBSHealing Camp.” The screenshots, along with Hyori’s tweet several months ago, had netizens questioning whether her change in diet caused her skin to lash out.

Back in February, the singer had tweeted, “My body couldn’t adapt, and now it’s getting angry at me. After I started my vegetarian diet, my body has been very sensitive. What should I do now,” expressing her anxiety regarding the reactions her body was signaling following her new diet.

However, on April 25, Hyori responded, “I noticed that the little things under my eyes where one of the trending topics today.  I inherited these from my mom and spent the past thirty years with them. They’re not because of my vegetarian diet.” She added, “They bothered me at times, but I’ve never really minded them.”