On October 31, Lee Hyori posted a picture of her meal with the very short caption “Brunch.”

The picture reveals adzuki bean porridge with rice cakes and two types of vegetables. Lee Hyori is one of the most prominent celebrities who declared they were vegetarian. Honey Lee was previously reported to be a vegetarian for the past 9 years.

Lee Hyori stated, “I’m not against a meat included diet, but many animals are treated terribly because of the high demand. I think that too much meat might be taxing, so I want to contribute by eating less meat.”

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Seems Lee Hyori eats vegetarian meals every day. Looks good.” It looks really good that Lee Hyori is really eating vegetarian meals,” “Lee Hyori’s vegetarian meal.. that looks good, should I try as well?” “Her awesome figure must be the result of her vegetarian eating habits.”

Soompiers, what do you think of Lee Hyori’s reason in becoming a vegetarian? Any vegetarians here would like to explain why you decided to not eat meat?