Lee Hyori shared  a funny story about girl group rivalry from the first generation of idols on an episode of “StoryOn Woman show.” 

The singer was a guest on the talk show and talked about her days as a member of Fin.K.L and their rivalry with S.E.S. She shared one particular story about how she tried to pull a prank on S.E.S. 

When the topic of jealous came up, Hyori shared, “During the time when Fin.K.L was active S.E.S was very popular, and in our young minds we couldn’t help but get jealous. S.E.S used to use a lot of bubbles for their performance, and when Fin.K.L had to perform after them we would slip on stage.”

“When we were performing the song ‘White‘ we would spray fake snow on the stage. One day we heard that S.E.S would be performing after us so we told our dancer to spray as much of the fake snow as they can on the stage,” she explained her act of revenge to the laughter from the rest of the cast.

However, Fin.K.L’s revenge ended up backfiring on them. “We sprayed so much that it got into our mouths, and because there was so much of it, our faces couldn’t be seen on the screen properly. Then when S.E.S performed, they did just fine.” 

Looks like young Hyori learned the hard way that revenge is not always sweet!

Also in recent news, Lee Hyori announced her September wedding with Lee Sang Soon