On July 14, singer Lee Hyori shared a photo of her niece on Twitter with the caption, “This is my niece, who made a cameo appearance on my ‘10 Minutes‘ music video about 10 years ago. She says she’s already in 11th grade!” 

In the photo, Lee Hyori’s niece is dressed in comfy clothes while looking up at the camera for her aunt. Her appearance especially drew the attention of netizens for sharing many similarities with her famous auntie.  

In the “10 Minutes” music video, Lee Hyori’s niece is seen wearing a red cap and sitting on one of the cars. The adorable screenshots of the two relatives have been included below.

In other news, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon plan to get married sometime in September. The singer has also been busy actively participating in the new variety show “Barefoot Friends.”


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