Lee Hyori shared a deep conversation about happiness with one of her guests on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay 2.”

During the episode that aired on April 29, Lee Hyori took her first foreign guest, an American named Jackson, to an early-morning yoga class and a trip to the markets. On their way home, Lee Hyori showed Jackson the music video for her first solo track “10 Minutes” and he was surprised by how different she looked.

Their conversation about her life as a celebrity naturally led to a talk about outward appearances and happiness. Lee Hyori said, “Everyone wants to become an important person. Everyone only posts the happy and gorgeous moments of their lives on social media, but life isn’t always that great in real life.” She continued to say, “People look at me and say that I’m so pretty, I have so much money, and I have a nice husband. But that doesn’t mean that I’m always happy. It’s not possible to be happy all the time.”

The singer stated, “But I really do have a great husband and great friends. As long as they’re with me, I feel like I can do anything.” Jackson agreed with the sentiment and said, “I think it’s better to have a few good friends than just having lots of friends.”

Despite not being fluent in English, Lee Hyori shared a meaningful conversation about happiness with Jackson, and he thanked her for the insight she shared.

“Hyori’s Homestay” follows Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon as they open their house to visitors, getting to know people and creating new memories with them. This season, they are joined by Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, who is there to help manage the guests. The show airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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