Earlier this month, Lee Hyori went to Mumbai, India for approximately five days on a community service trip with Christian relief and development organization World Vision. Recently, photos of her trip have been released, and the sexy diva is seen interacting with the children. She visited one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the region and volunteered her services, handing out food and face-painting the children’s faces. Hyori is also seen in her most natural self, exposing her true make-up free face and wearing comfortable clothings.

A representative of World Vision stated, “Lee Hyori’s free and easygoing character surprised us. She barely brought any clothes and went to India with just rainboots and a backpack on. She wasn’t fussy or picky about the food and water.” She added, “Hyori didn’t bring any cosmetic products either. I’ve never seen a celebrity who walks out with nothing [makeup] on. She befriended local children, played with them, and handed food out. She was devastated when she witnessed all the harsh conditions the children lived in.”

On her last day in India, Hyori met her 4-year-old Ddulssi, a girl she sponsors through World Vision. The two spent a special day together, going shopping and exchanging gifts. Currently, Lee Hyori sponsors 10 children overseas and 10 children domestically.