On the most recent episode of onStyle‘s “Golden 12,” Lee Hyori and friends participated in an overnight temple stay. The semple Stay offers individuals a chance to live the lives of monks at a buddhist temple for a certain period of time. Lee Hyori and friends gathered around a camp fire to make a wish by writing down their wishes on pieces of paper and burning them in the fire. 

Lee Hyori asked writer Lee Joo Hee what she wrote down. Lee Joo Hee answered in tears, “I used to feed the stray cats in my neighborhood, but I’m moving now. I hope the cats don’t starve even if I’m not there to feed them.” Lee Hyori also started crying when she saw her friend in tears. She said, “I always cry when someone else cries.” She also comforted her friend by saying, “Someone nice will move into your house and take care of the cats.”

When her friends asked Lee Hyori what she wished for, Lee Hyori answered, “The same. Not to be swayed by other people’s opinions and to let go of my greed.” She added, “Also, let’s wish that there will no longer by any war and world peace will finally be achieved. They’ll all come true eventually,” wrapping up their delightful night at the temple.