Lee Hyori is going to make an appearance on “Healing Camp.”

Sources from “Healing Camp” spoke with MyDaily on April 10 and said, “Lee Hyori has decided to make an appearance on ‘Healing Camp.’ The shooting is going to start on April 11, but the location isn’t decided yet.”

They also added, “However, the date to air the Lee Hyori episode of ‘Healing Camp’ isn’t set yet.”

Lee Hyori had been a guest to numerous talk shows and an MC for some variety shows. However, she doesn’t have a lot of experience being on a show where the emcees only focus on her. Also, people are curious what she will say in front of Kim Jae Dong, who is one of Lee Hyori’s best friends.

Lee Hyori is currently an MC for “You and I” with Jung Jae Hyung.