Lee Hyori has transformed into Troublemaker and miss A.

On March 21, Hyori posted on her Twitter, “Idol donation bazaar! U-Know Yunho’s stage suit, Suzy’s bandage dress, Troublemaker Hyunseung and HyunA‘s stage attire – thank you~” along with several photos.

In the photos, Lee Hyori is holding up several outfits from her junior idol singers and making a cute pose. All of the clothes were outfits that were a pretty hot topic. Hyori may be one of the original idol singers, who has been in the K-Pop scene for over 10 years but it looked like she was genuinely excited about having her idol juniors’ unique stage attires. Eyes were especially drawn to Hyori holding up the bandage dress.

Netizens commented, “I guess your juniors are participating in your good deeds. What a great senior/junior relationship,” “If you wear the bandage outfit, it would be daebak,” “Hyori unni seems so excited,” and many more.

Meanwhile, Hyori is actively back on the variety program scene as she is co-emceeing for the new music show, “You and I” with Jung Jae Hyung.