Lee Hyori is starting her own variety program and will be showing her lifestyle in Jeju Island!

On April 19, JTBC sources confirmed that a new reality program called “Hyori’s Home Stay” (literal translation) will be launching in June.

For this show, Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon will run a lodging area in Jeju Island and interact with other stars as well as ordinary people. Similarly to how Hyori showed her humane charms back in SBS’s “Family Outing,” she will once again take a step closer to the public through this reality show.

Although Lee Hyori is fierce on stage, she is expected to show her natural and down-to-earth side in this program, and fans can even look forward to seeing her silly charms. In addition to lovely interactions with her husband, Lee Hyori will be able to show how she lives her daily life in Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is also preparing for her long-awaited comeback in June. Her agency Kiwi Media Group stated, “Lee Hyori is continuously working on her album as she stays in Jeju Island. There is no set date for her comeback yet.”

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