Lee Hyori expressed her willingness to reunite with her old Fin.K.L members and comeback as a group. During a recent recording of her SBS show “You & I,” Lee Hyori said, “Shinhwa reunited too. I wish Fin.K.L would get together as well.”

The comment was made as Shinhwa appeared on “You & I” as the main guest. Lee Hyori and Kim Dong Wan also shared some old memories talking about their high school days during the show. Kim Dong Wan is reported to have said, “Lee Hyori was famous for her beauty even in high school. All the boys in nearby high schools carried her picture around.”

During this episode Shinhwa performed to their old hit songs, “Usha! Usha!” and “T.O.P,” as well as their latest single, “Venus.” The show is scheduled to air on April 15 at midnight.

Fin.K.L is a four member girl group that debuted in 1998. Comprised of Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yuri, Fin.K.L formed a nice rivalry with S.E.S. in the late 90s as two of the most popular girl groups. Some of their hit tracks include “To My Boyfriend,” “Ruby,” and “Now.” Enjoy the MV for “To My Boyfriend” below!