Lee Hyori recently asked Kim Tae Woo to help reunite Fin.K.L.

On the August 16 broadcast of SBS “Magic Eye,” new MC Moon Hee Jun was present along with guests Kim Tae Woo, Jo Kwon, and Josh. They talked about the topic of the day, which was nosiness.

During the show, MC Lee Hyori remarked, “Ok Ju Hyun went to g.o.d’s concert, and texted me that night. She was reminiscent of the old days and also wanted to show fans our stage again.” Lee Hyori asked Kim Tae Woo, “Can’t you call Lee Jin and Sung Yuri?

Kim Tae Woo answered, “If the both of you (Ok Ju Hyun, Lee Hyori) want to reunite, I can persuade them,” and added, “Wasn’t Lee Hyori the boss of Fin.K.L?” making everyone laugh.

Lee Hyori replied, saying that she is “ready to give it up,” showing her willingness to reunite with her former group.