Lee Hyori revealed her thoughts on physical affection with her partner. During the April 12 episode of OnStyle’s “Lee Hyori’s Social Club Golden 12,” Jang Bum Joon sang a song to Lee Hyori containing the lyrics that said, “The male partner wants too much physical affection. Please wait just a little bit more.”

After the song was over, however, Lee Hyori quickly commented, “What do you mean wait more? You know how old I am? You become 34, you don’t think like that. If the guy doesn’t speed up, you get bored.”

On November 28, Lee Hyori revealed that she has been dating singer song writer Lee Sang Soon for over five months. Lee Hyori has been open about her relationship with the songwriter, mentioning their relationship several times on TV. Could this comment also be coming from her real life relationship?

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