In order to see her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, perform onstage, Lee Hyori went to a club in Hongdae. A person related to the music industry stated that Lee Hyori went to Club Evans on March 31 to see the rehearsal of singer-songwriter Yoon Young Bae’s performance, which Lee Sang Soon was a part of during the guitar session. Lee Hyori showing support for her boyfriend caught people’s attention.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, also known as the “Beauty and the Beast” couple, are sometimes seen dating by fans, like when they went to the musical “Elizabeth” together. Knowing that Lee Hyori would be at the rehearsal and performance, people who went to the show were more anticipated to go.

Lee Sang Soon and Yoon Young Bae are close friends. Lee Sang Soon even took part in Yoon Young Bae’s second album “Slightly Funny,” which was released on January 31. When Yoon Young Bae was recording the album at JeJu Island, Lee Sang Soon took a trip to visit him and take part in the album. Also, on March 17, Lee Sang Soon played as a guitarist at Yoon Young Bae’s second album concert held in Seoul.