It was not too long ago when a teaser for her upcoming reality show “Lee Hyori’s X Unni” was released. A comment by celebrity boyfriend Lee Sang Soon made people question whether Lee Hyori left all the wedding planning to him.

Maybe the noisy gossip got too loud because on July 31, she went straight to her Twitter to leave a message. “There have been articles floating around since morning saying that my marriage is all an act. There must be a lot of people who are worried that something might have happened~^^”

She continued, “I’ve always wanted a small and quiet wedding since a long time ago and with Sang Soon oppa’s agreement, along with our families, we decided to forego the wedding ceremony. Since it’s a special day that should be only experienced once (^^), and since it’s an important day, I want to spend a quiet and quality time with oppa and family.”

0731 lee hyori inside