On March 23, singer, Lee Hyori’s Charity Bazaar raised nearly $24,000 USD in just six hours.

Lee Hyori’s Charity Bazaar is featuring on the “Golden 12,” a reality show on cable channel, On Style. This Charity Bazaar is the first project on “Golden 12,” a reality program that will show celebrities’ daily life. Through this first project, many fans are able to get a glimpse of Lee Hyori’s far and wide network.

Many celebrities participated in this Charity Bazaar to help Lee Hyori raise money for a good cause. Among them are actor, So Ji Sup, who donated a pair of his jeans and shoes, 2AM’s Seulong, who donated autographed CDs and sunglasses, Big Bang, Jung Jae Hyung, Gong Yoo, Park Si Yeon, Yoon Seung Ah, Tei and more.

The Charity Bazzar took place for six hours, gathering hundreds of people, who formed a line from the third floor to the seventh floor of the building. Lee Hyori and the other celebrities who participated not only donated their items but also spent six hours at the Bazaar explaining their item’s story and giving tips on how to style the fashion items.

This episode of “Golden 12,” which will air on April 5, includes the Lee Hyori‘s Charity Bazzar and the behind the scenes planning.