Last week, we reported that Lee Hyori wore a blue dress despite having influenza. As a joke she stated that she would be willing to wear a bikini if she could give entertainment to the viewers.

For the BIGBANG special of “You and I” that was broadcast at 12am on March 19, Lee Hyori wore a revealing green dress that highlighted her chest. She explained the concept of the clothes, “It is more charming to show a little bit rather than everything.”

Lee Hyori began making racy jokes while interviewing BIGBANG. She grabbed her dress saying, “As more time passes by it keeps dropping down, the clothes are becoming more risqué.”

The racy jokes did not end there. Taeyang was talking about growing and height. Taeyang said, ‘I should have slept more and ate more. I didn’t grow my height, I grew my dreams.” Seungri said, “But don’t’ people say that a small pepper is more spicy?” (There is a Korean saying that smaller peppers are spicier. This is often used as a retort when people make comments about short height.) Lee Hyori joked, “How could you say something so racy on television?” and the set erupted with laughter.