Lee Hyun Woo, who plays Cha Eun Gyul in the newly started SBS drama, “To The Beautiful You,” has recently been featured in a pictorial.

This pictorial is for the fashion magazine “CeCi,” which was revealed on August 20. Lee Hyun Woo showed a mixture of a warm boyish charm and a mature masculine image. Lee Hyun Woo posed with misty eyes and fashionable outfits, which perfected his trendy image along with his mature and masculine charms. Aside from his playful and bubbly character in “To The Beautiful You,” Lee Hyun Woo showed a more collected and mature image.

Sources from the photo shoot commented, “Lee Hyun Woo seemed like a boy who likes to play around but he certainly showed a new image by following the concept of the photo shoot. Lee Hyun Woo definitely showed a unique charm through this pictorial.”