Lee Hyun Woo was spotted at the subway recently, according to TV Report.

An online community board titled “Lee Hyun Woo Takes the Subway” posted a picture of the actor sitting amongst everyday people.

Lee Hyun Woo

The photo, taken by some eager fans, shows two pictures. In one photo, he is looking across the subway in a dark blue jacket, surrounded by people who do not seem to notice him. In another photo, he is wearing a hat and is eating a lollipop. He noticed the fan taking the picture and made eye contact with the camera.

Netizens who saw the photos had a variety of comments such as, “He’s got the pretty boy pose down,” “Whoa, eye contact. Her heart must have stopped,” “I wonder when Lee Hyun Woo was on the subway,” “Wow, he is so cute,” and “Lee Hyun Woo is a total pretty boy.”

In other news, Lee Hyun Woo is receiving a lot of love and attention for his acting in the movie “Secretly and Greatly.”

For those of you living in Korea, you might be lucky enough to spot this handsome stud somewhere!