On March 13, Lee Jang Woo appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and shared a behind story about the intimate, 46-second kiss scene he had with Park Min Young on KBS drama “Glorious Jane.”

“In TV dramas, they call it kiss scenes when the actors only put their lips together. I always felt bad about those scenes because the kiss didn’t look like a real kiss,” Lee Jang Woo said. “So I told the script writer about it. Later the script had a line that said it’s not just a regular kiss on the cheek type of kiss, but a real kiss.”

“So I gave her a real, passionate kiss. And that resulted in a ‘unsuitable for minors’ ruling,” Lee Jang Woo said with a smile. He added, “Because they had to keep switching camera angles, the actual recording of the kiss scene went on for over six hours.”

In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s the now infamous kiss scene between Lee Jang Woo and Park Min Young!