Actor Lee Je Hoon would love to engage in some intense romance for his next acting project.

Ahead of the premiere of his latest action film “Detective Hong Gil Dong: Disappeared Village,” he sat down with local news outlet TV Report for an interview about his career and related aspirations.

“Lately, I’ve had no melodrama or love in my professional life. I like romantic comedies and melodramas. I’m actively seeking to appear in one,” the actor expressed his desperate need for romance. His acting projects have been filled with suspense and testosterone since the popular 2012 film “Architecture 101” also starring Suzy.

“I’m also interested in doing love narratives, hilarious romantic comedies, or heart-wrenchingly intense melodramas,” he said.

Regarding his ideal acting partner, he explained, “It’s hard to choose just one actress who I’d like to act with in a melodrama,” and laughed, “I hope someone with lots of experience with melodramas will choose me instead.”

Meanwhile, “Detective Hong Gil Dong: Disappeared Village” starring Lee Je Hoon as an extraordinarily talented private detective will open in theaters on May 4.

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