Go Ara is known for her fair looks, and Lee Je Hoon commented that his first impression of her was, “She is like a doll.”

On the episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment” aired on April 10, the three leads of “Detective Hong Gil Dong,” Lee Je Hoon, Kim Sung Kyoon, and Go Ara, were interviewed.

Go Ara Lee Jae Hoon 4

When asked what his first impression of Go Ara was, Lee Je Hoon answers, “She resembled a doll. I was amazed that I would be working with a doll that could act and talk. I was also upset that I didn’t have enough scenes with her.”

Go Ara Lee Jae Hoon 2

“Are you sure about what you’re saying? Have you memorized these lines?” Go Ara asks with suspicion at his loaded compliments.

Go Ara Lee Jae Hoon 3

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