On the episode of “Entertainment Weekly” that aired on April 23, actor Lee Je Hoon comes on the show and goes an a guerrilla date in the middle of the popular Seoul neighborhood of Hongdae.

When he arrives at Hongdae and sees that a big crowd of people are surrounding him, he becomes surprised and asks the reporter, “Did you call people here?”

lee je hoon entertainment weekly2

The reporter replies by asking, “Don’t many people recognize you when you go out? What is the one thing that you hear the most?”

Lee Je Hoon answers, “I hear ‘You look like Lee Je Hoon’ the most,” and laughs.

He continues, “I still can’t believe we’re walking down the streets of Hongdae with so many people like this.”

Watch more of Lee Je Hoon’s interview in this week’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly.”

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