After months of dragging, Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah have finally reached a settlement for their divorce lawsuit. In a press release on July 29th, Lee Ji Ah’s management agency, Key East, stated, “We sincerely apologize for causing so much concern with their lawsuit. Both parties have agreed to a divorce settlement at 10AM on July 29th.”

“Both parties agreed to reveal the full text of the agreement in order to prevent the spread of any further rumors or misunderstandings,” it added.

According to the agreement, both sides made it clear that no financial deals were involved in the settlement. Also, neither side is allowed to raise an issue or institute a lawsuit in the future regarding their marriage. In addition, any act of defaming, misrepresenting, or commercializing their past marriage is prohibited according to the settlement.

In particular, if either person writes a book about their wedding, a penalty charge of 200 million won (approximately $200,000 USD) will have to be paid for breach of contract.

Key East added, “We sincerely hope that no further speculations and unfound rumors will be made on this matter. We request that fans would understand all involved parties, before being celebrities, are just normal people deeply wounded by this matter.”


Source: Newsen