Lee Ji Hye is receiving various opinions from netizens for her live coverage of Hyun Young’s wedding.

Lee Ji Hye attended the wedding held on March 3. Although the wedding was private, the singer continuously posted pictures of the Hyun Young couple through her Twitter and gained netizens’ attentions.

However, some of the netizens are judging that Hyun Young declared her wedding would be private because her husband did not want to be revealed to the public. Others even criticized, “You just messed up someone’s wedding” while others praised, “Thanks for showing us a private wedding.”

Further comments include, “I enjoyed looking at the pictures,” “Daebak it is my first time seeing a celebrity doing a live coverage of a private wedding,” “Thanks to you it felt like I attended the wedding as well,” “Oh! Lee Ji Hye an exclusive coverage,” “How can you not know it was private,” and “Seems like you have to apologize for sure.”

Lee Ji Hye deleted the picture of Hyun Young walking down the aisle alone, with her husband, and a picture of the husband’s face along with the captions, “Unnie looking very happy, she even showed a tear of affection,” “Jealous, she is pretty.” She also admitted her mistake when a PD pointed out that it was a private wedding, “I know, I forgot and made a mistake.”