UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk appeared as a guest intern on Sister’s Salon, where actress Han Ye Seul is the main host.


And these two visuals decided to bless the world with selfies together! Lee Jinhyuk got close and personal with Han Ye Seul as they took an adorable selfie together where they showcased their beauty.

lee jinhyuk han ye seul 1


And no one was prepared for these masterpieces called selfies! Fans and netizens alike were in complete awe by the duo’s visual power!

lee jinhyuk han ye seul 2

“F*cking handsome and f*cking beautiful… And I’m so touched that CEO Han Ye Seul called Jinhyuk ahead of filming to wish him luck I love you CEO I hope your drama does well and let’s make Jinhyuk a regular”

“Wow Miss Ye Seul is really beautiful”

“This is really just pretty person next to another pretty person…”

“Our chipmunk did so well please make him a regular on the show!!”

“Wow they’re really pretty”

“A male angel and a female angel..”

— K-Netizens


I mean, what else would you expect when you take this visual goddess…

lee jinhyuk han ye seul 5


…and add it to this visual prince?! Just one wholesome masterpiece!

lee jinhyuk han ye seul 4


Viewers completely fell in love with Lee Jinhyuk’s chemistry with Han Ye Seul that they’re begging him to become a permanent panel on the show!


Hopefully it comes true because the world is more than ready for this powerful visual duo!

lee jinhyuk han ye seul