UP10TION’s Lee Jinhyuk has been gaining attention ever since his appearance in Mnet’s Produce X 101. He has since held his own solo fanmeeting and is currently preparing for his solo debut.

lee jinhyuk x1 3

He is once again gaining attention, this time for his unique fanservice when taking pictures with fans.

lee jinhyuk

He wraps an arm around his fan and holds out a V-sign. This pulls the fan closer to Jinhyuk, creating a close and warm feeling.

lee jinhyuk2

Jinhyuk seems to do the fanservice without fail, thinking of his fans’ well-being no matter how many they are. Netizens describe his fanservice as “every time you take a selfie, you’ll be hugged in his arms like a lover.”

lee jinhyuk selfie

He even does the same pose with his close friends from Produce X 101! They commented, “I also want to take a selca with Lee Jinhyuk.”

goo jungmo