“Romance is a Bonus Book” has released new stills of Le Na Young and Lee Jong Suk!

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is a romantic comedy about Kang Dan Yi (played by Lee Na Young), an unemployed woman who ends up working as a temporary employee at a publishing company, and Cha Eun Ho (played by Lee Jong Suk), the publishing company’s editor-in-chief.


In the last episode, Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho decided to temporarily live together, and the episode showed Kang Dan Yi adjusting to her new job at the publishing company. The viewers sympathized with Kang Dan Yi who worked endlessly to get her job done. Unfortunately, she got her work stolen by Go Yoo Sun (played by Kim Yoo Mi) at the end. However, Kang Dan Yi was happy to simply hear her name being called at work.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun Ho did his best to help and support Kang Dan Yi when he could without going too far. At the end of the episode, Cha Eun Ho finally revealed his long time feelings for Kang Dan Yi. Cha Eun Ho, who has a habit of going to Kang Dan Yi’s old house when he’s drunk, ended up hugging Kang Dan Yi who was waiting for him at his house.

The released stills show the heart-fluttering romantic chemistry between Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan Yi. Sitting together under the moonlight, viewers can easily see Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan Yi’s warm and caring feelings for each other. Even while looking in the same direction, they can’t help but keep turning around to look at each other; the two are closer to each other than with anyone else. Cha Eun Ho, who has looked out from Kang Dan Yi from afar until now, is slowly starting to show his growing feelings with his sweet gaze. Viewers are curious to find out if their romance will come to shine as brightly as the blazing street lights.

In the upcoming episode, Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho are expected to make hearts flutter with scenes from their everyday lives. Song Hye Rin (played by Jung Yoo Jin), who only has eyes for Cha Eun Ho, and Ji Seo Joon (played by Wi Ha Joon), who is a strange but sweet guy, will make an appearance, shaking things up and adding tension to the romance. The office comedy is expected to continue at the publishing company where not a single day goes by in peace.

The production team of “Romance is a Bonus Book” shared, “Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho, who have kept a distance from each other, are slowly starting to realize their feelings. The process in which the two fall in love will be unlike any other romance with its deep emotions and relatability.”

“Romance is a Bonus Book” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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