Actor Lee Jong Suk, who currently stars in the SBS drama, “I Hear Your Voice,” recently gifted his staff with food. Lee Jong Suk has captured the hearts of audiences with his various charms on camera, and now we see that he is also a charming man off the set!

Lee Jong Suk Gifts Staff with Food

The cast and staff of “I Hear Your Voice” spent many days filming into the late hours of the night. They seemed weak and exhausted from long hours of work. Thinking of his co-workers and staff, Lee Jong Suk sent a food truck to the set with traditional Korean ginseng chicken soup on June 30, according to Newsen. The soup is meant to rejuvenate and heal the body by restoring nutrients that were lost to fatigue and stress. Lee Jong Suk sent enough food for 150 people at the Tan Hyun Production Center! He had planned this event planned three weeks ago.

The cast and staff of “I Hear Your Voice” were very grateful and touched by Lee Jong Suk’s act of kindness, and spent time talking and relaxing as they enjoyed the food.

Lee Jong Suk continues to dazzle women not only with his on-screen charisma, but also with his off-screen charm.