Looks like actor Lee Jong Suk is getting increasingly fed up with a stubborn Facebook impersonator who has ignored his first warning to stop all online activities under his name since December. 

On July 21, Lee Jong Suk posted this message on his me2day page, “I don’t use Facebook. It’s a little complicated for me, so all I use is me2day. I don’t understand what you’re trying to get out of impersonating me on Facebook. I, too, have tried to live the life of someone else in a drama before and it’s difficult. Just stop.” 

Lee Jong Suk’s previous message to the impersonator back in December also stated, “What is going on? I don’t use Facebook! If you get caught, you’re dead!” 

In related news, Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Park Soo Ha in popular SBS drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice.” 

Netizens commented, “Even when Lee Jong Suk warns an impersonator, he’s so cool,” “I’m sure the impersonator has heard him loud and clear,” and “It must be frustrating to deal with something like this as he gains more fame.”