Lee Jong Suk’s agency has responded to reports about his upcoming plans, including his next project and the timing for his enlistment.

A report on August 24 stated that Lee Jong Suk recently received an offer for a drama remake of the American television show “Younger,” and said that he was positively considering the role. It was also reported that Lee Jong Suk is planning to enlist in the army next February, and as the remake of “Younger” plans to premiere that month, the drama would be completed in pre-production if he took the role.

Later that day, a source representing Lee Jong Suk clarified that nothing has been decided about his enlistment date.

A source from his agency also stated that rather than “Younger,” Lee Jong Suk is considering an offer for the drama “Romance Supplement” (working title) as one of potential future projects. It is written by Jung Hyun Jung (who has penned “I Need Romance,” “Discovery of Love,” and more) and directed by Lee Jung Ho. It will tell a sweet love story between people in their 30s.

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