Lee Joo Yeon sat down for an interview with High Cut magazine and revealed how close she still is with the After School members.

Lee Joo Yeon first shared her feelings on concluding the MBC daily drama “All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law.” She said, “Since I played that role for about eight months, I feel like I have become that person. People around me all called me Geum Byul. My friends even saved my contact name as ‘Hwang Geum Byul.’”

She continued, “The After School members recently reunited for Jung Ah’s wedding and took a picture. There was a middle-aged woman who didn’t recognize the other members but took good care of me. She kept saying ‘Daughter-in-law, Geum Byul.’”

Lee Joo Yeon elaborated on how close After School is: “We never spare encouragement or criticism for each other. Jung Ah once said, ‘You’re so bad at acting. If you’re going to act like this, then don’t continue on this path.’ However, after watching this drama, she said, ‘Joo Yeon, you improved a lot. You are like an actress now.’ Nana even sent a coffee truck to the filming site. I haven’t been able to give Nana feedback for her recent movie ‘The Swindlers.’ Acting drunk can quickly become cheesy, but Nana did a great job.”

Check out Lee Joo Yeon’s holiday-inspired, glittery photo shoot that accompanied the interview!

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