Singer-actor Lee Joon recently revealed that he likes to leave comments on random articles—even articles about stars he does not personally know.

During an interview with The Star, Lee Joon was asked if he looks at comments posted on articles written about him. He shared, “I even write comments. On an article about ‘Infinity Challenge,’ I once wrote ‘Kwanghee is cool.’ And on a recent article about the Yoo Joon Sang Hong Eun Hee couple, I wrote ‘There has never been a couple like this. The industry’s representative lovebird couple.’ I even took a screenshot of my comment and sent it to Yoo Joon Sang sunbae-nim.”

He added, “I never write negative comments. I’m a person that takes part in the ‘positive comment movement.’”

While it is understandable that Lee Joon would leave comments on these stars’ articles, as he is personally close with them, he confessed that he also leaves comments for people he doesn’t know as well: “I think it was an article about EXO winning first place on a music show. I left a comment there too. I don’t remember exactly [what I wrote], but I think it was something like ‘Suho oppa is cool.’ I’m not friends with him personally,” with a laugh.

Lee Joon continued to explain, “It feels good to see my comment rise to the top with people clicking ‘like.’ I don’t know their faces or their names, but they’re agreeing with my opinion. It’s really fascinating. However, my rule for writing comments is that I never leave comments on my own articles. And I only leave comments occasionally—about once a month?”

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