MBLAQ‘s member Lee Joon said that he doesn’t spend his allowance, which is becoming a hot topic.

On the KBS variety show “1 vs. 100,” which aired on April 10, MC Son Bum Soo said to Lee Joon, “I heard that you don’t spend money.” Then Lee Joon answered back, “I don’t spend even when I need to. Our family wasn’t very well off when I was a kid, so I’m just used to saving and not spending.”

Then Son Bum Soo asked again, “To what extent do you not use money?” and Lee Joon replied, “I just don’t need to spend any money. The agency provides food and these clothes I’m wearing isn’t mine either.”

And he also added, “I don’t use almost any of my allowance. After practice, I sometimes take a cab, but that’s about it,” shocking the studio.

During this episode, Lee Joon from MBLAQ and Shinsadong Tiger made a guest appearance and had a quiz challenge.

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