Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji discussed their chemistry and characters in upcoming tvN drama “Lawless Lawyer.”

“Lawless Lawyer” is a legal drama that tells the story of gang member turned lawyer Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi), who uses his fists and knowledge to fight for justice, and Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji), a hot-tempered and reckless lawyer.

At the press conference for the drama on May 8, Lee Joon Gi shared, “My chemistry with Seo Ye Ji is so good. Since she has a quiet and reserved image, I wondered a lot about how much I could joke around with her. In reality, there are a lot of bright sides to her and she makes others feel comfortable.”

He continued to compliment his co-star, saying, “She is always laughing on set, and makes me want to reach out and show more of myself. As an actress, there may be things that are uncomfortable, but she endures it all and works hard. I feel like I’m meeting a new friend for the first time in awhile.”

Seo Ye Ji also shared why she chose to join the drama, explaining, “I played a depressed character in my previous production ‘Save Me.’ I was wondering what type of character would allow me to quickly escape from that atmosphere, when I met a production by the star director Kim Jin Min.”

She added, “There may be concerns that actresses could stand out in action dramas, but the director is very considerate regarding those aspects. I am working very hard to follow along.”

“Lawless Lawyer” will premiere on Saturday, May 12 at 9 p.m. KST.

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