Lee Joon Gi’s passion (and heart of gold) knows no bounds!

On May 23, the tvN drama “Lawless Lawyer” released photographs of Lee Joon Gi acting as a junior production staff member on set. In the photos, he helps set up black foil for the lighting crew, holds up a microphone pole, and pretends to be a salesman as he chats up his co-star Lee Hye Young.

The actor stated, “The atmosphere on set is always good. I enjoy being able to act as the lubricant between the director and the cast and crew, and seeing everyone work together makes me happier as well.”

He added, “I hope that we can continue to film together in this happy and harmonious atmosphere, since we have come together for this production. We are learning a lot about each other and that is the most important part of perfecting a project. There are times when I feel awkward too, but if I can approach people and express myself, then the atmosphere on set becomes easier.”

You can watch the latest episode of “Lawless Lawyer” on Viki below:

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