Lee Joon made a shocking confession that he is suffering from a new type of “phobia” when greeting Girls’ Generation. According to media reports about tonight’s SBS “Strong Heart,” Lee Joon is reported to have said, “I’m too shy to say hi to Girls’ Generation.”

He continued, “I was scared and almost phobic to say ‘hi’ to Girls’ Generation. I thought they might think I’m weird if I greet them with a smile. And I’m too embarrassed to see myself show up on someone else’s eye.”

Tiffany seemed to agree as she is reported to have said, “When we meet Lee Joon at music shows, he doesn’t make eye contact and tries to stay away from us.”

The full story of Lee Joon’s “Girls’ Generation Phobia” will be unveiled during tonight’s episode of SBS “Strong Heart.” The show will feature Ivy, Oh Yoon Ah, Tiffany, Kim Na Young, and Sun Woo as guests.