I’m a big fan of “We Got Married.” It may have its problems or two, but just watching what the couples get up to every week brings a smile to my face and one of the couples that left some of the biggest lasting impressions in recent months (for both good and bad reasons) was the Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo couple. Just something about that couple made their whole segment seem so interesting to watch, so it was quite a melancholy moment when they had to leave the show on rather unfortunate terms. They’ve kept relatively quiet about the circumstances till now but Lee Joon has shared some of his thoughts on the recent airing of the talk show “Hwa Shin.”

The topic came up when one of the MCs mentioned how Lee Joon must have been going through some mental anguish recently because of “We Got Married,” which initially flusters Lee Joon, but he eventually opens up and talks about how he unavoidably had to leave the show because his partner got swept up in a dating rumour. At this point MC Shin Dong Yup questions why they had to leave the show when they weren’t even dating for real.

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Lee Joon explains how his couple, while it may have been imaginary, was still trying to make it appear real and genuine so when the dating rumours did blow up they received a lot of flak from viewers who in some ways felt like they were being deceived during the course of the show. In this regard he says that he feels that “Both of them were victims,” and how “Frankly they did nothing wrong,” and that “Whether that person was dating that guy or not isn’t really important, they are more than allowed to date and the issue blew out of proportions because of that photo.”

What’s worse at least from Lee Joon’s position is as he states, “Even now if I go on a show and I try to explain myself when they ask me about this, she ends up being the only one getting a lot of flak about it” and how this causes a lot of heartache for him as a fellow colleague. He concludes by saying that he really hopes that people stop doing that now because “It is not her fault, it is no one’s fault.”

Shin Dong Yup jokingly asks him something interesting and that is whether he was using the show as a way of dating her for real, talking about how it would be a safe option. Lee Joon replies that they “Weren’t dating for real” and that it was tough on him because he “didn’t believe that she did anything wrong but she got a lot of flak and I ended looking like a pitiable fellow.”

It’s a rather unfortunate situation all round and hopefully this does put an end some of the negative comments surrounding the ex-We Got Married couple. You can see this scene in question below.